Tutorial class for IB and IGCSE by A-level tutors

Tutorial class for IB and IGCSE by A-level tutors

Key features and benefits provided by Tutorial class for IB and IGCSE by A-level tutors

Course completion in advance

A level tutors Hong Kong is available for fundamental subjects including chemistry, Biology, physics, and mathematics of IB/IGCSE syllabus in advance. The syllabus is globally standardized so in order to cover it in all aspects without any guidance, it might be somehow difficult so IB tutors overcome all problems online and offline facility.

Maintain a Standard level of notes and material for students

Best material of IB/IGCSE syllabus is designed by a subject matter expert material covers full course e and topics in detail with several shortcut tricks. Notes are designed by our experienced A level tutors Hong Kong in most easy and elaborated form. Each chapter includes some questions and a solution to focus on the pattern of answerin  g any problem.

Proper monitoring is necessary

Instructor of the subject s such as Science and Mathematics also focuses on your level of scores and explains doubts at the relevant time. Its main responsibility of IB tutors to explain the pattern of writing answer of each question in a unique form. Indulge in scoring high is our goal. Additionally, a level tutor hong kong has a minimum of   3 years of tutoring IB, IGCSE, A-level experiences (Biology, Chemistry, and Maths) with a strong academic background and teaching skills in an innovative form.

Hurry up for enrolment and win chance of securing high grade

Explain all terms experimentally and focused on live projects so student itself develop confidence and work hard in their weakness. Experts and a team of IB tutor Hong kong have experience in teaching, marking, which means we know exactly which terms and phrases are required.

Daily practice sets are provided for revision and for learning. Absentee’s students are also followed by our team member. Proper executions of lecture plans are checked by our authorized member.