The way the x-ray is performed

The way the x-ray is performed

x-ray is the kind of machine that sends the X-rays beams through the body. the results that will be known by the X-ray will be recorded either with the help of the computer or film. This x-ray will show the body in white and black shades. This is mainly due to the different amounts of absorption of radiation by the different tissues. This is made possible by using the X-ray procedure in Sparta, NJ

x-rays performed:

each hospital performs and follows the different protocols to take the x-ray. Here are some of the most common process that is followed at the time of taking an x-ray.

The patient may be asked to remove the jewelry and wear the clothes provided by the hospital. They ask to remove the jewelry as it may interfere with to process of examining. The patient needs to wear the gown that is given in the hospital.

They will be placed toward the x-ray or will be made to lie on the table. They take care of the positions of the body part while taking the x-ray. The body will be placed between the cassette that contains the film of the x-ray and the x-ray machine. They are also done while the patient is standing or even in the sitting position.

To avoid exposure to the x-rays the body part which I am not being imaged will be covered with the shield called a lead apron. The beam of the x-ray is focused near the area that will be photographed.

The patient has to remain still as the image may be blurred if the patient does not remain in the still position. The technician will step behind a window meant for protection and later the image will be taken.

Sometimes different x-rays have to be taken from various angles like front as well as side views that are done to view the image of the chest. In certain cases, the patient may need to take the contrast material before the x-ray. It will be given in different ways like via swallowing the liquid or injecting the body and by giving an enema before doing the test.

At a certain time, the patient may need to avoid certain kinds of liquids and might be asked to clear their bowels. This process is usually done at the time of the gastrointestinal tract.

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