Shincheonji a different kind of church and about the cult

Shincheonji a different kind of church and about the cult

Everyone in this world follows a religion they love and sometimes they leave their job and work and just the rest of their lives for god. The belief that many people follow is very pure but some people don’t believe in god they just think that there is no such thing as god. shincheonji is an international Christian church but it is different from other Christian denominations. The church promised in the Bible to always follow it and that they are God’s kingdom here.

About shincheonji

The meaning of the church’s name is a new heaven and a new earth and also the temple of Tabernacle of the testimony. People who want to join this holy place only when they have a good knowledge of the bible and then you graduate to become a part of this beautiful place. You can share your stories with them, if you want someone to speak to then you can easily contact them and the place is outside of Korea. Do you know what is the difference between religion and cult? Basically both seek truth offering its followers a roadmap for their places in the world along with a moral.

What is a cult?

Basically they are a group of people who follow one type of ideology. Basically cult teaches us that salvation comes through Christ and their unique way as well. As you will read more about cults you will notice that every cult has certain characteristics that can tell the careful observer.

If you want to know some more things about shincheonji church, then you can read their stories on the website and learn more. Believing in god is a very beautiful thing and they teach us how to carry out faith. The place is beautiful and after reading about their stories you will get to know about how they work.