Plastic & Acrylic Producing Service

Plastic & Acrylic Producing Service

From prototype to acrylic counter, the process of purchasing plastic products can be made simple and reliable. Our experienced acrylic manufacturer can do your job.

With more than 30 years of improving, manufacturing, processing, and manufacturing technology, it has dominated the manufacturing process of high-quality plastic parts for various industries. From material selection to mold design and testing, we offer a wide range of manufacturing techniques and machine services with abundant resources and expertise.

Plastic manufacturing technology and machinery

Our range of machines and technologies includes thermoforming, die-cutting, sheet/oven forming, edge finishing, solvent welding, laser cutting, and CNC cabling.


Thermoforming is the process of forming a plastic sheet around a punch or die. Various thermoforming methods, including infrared heating, are available, which is a common choice among plastic manufacturers. It is a non-contact process that allows you to manufacture a wide variety of products. It is a safe and economical way to heat thermoformed plastics in seconds and has an Acrylic Counter. This cooling time can be reduced by other cooling methods.

Fashion matters

Formal evaluation is the process of designing a custom mold and using it to cut parts from a plastic panel. It’s cheaper and faster than most other plastic manufacturing methods. The main limitation of this technology is in the design of the custom mold itself so that almost any shape or pattern can be cut from the sheet.

Obturation / oven formation

By draping or baking, plastics can maintain their thickness and surface finish. This technique is suitable for plates, bars, and pipes, and the mold used is almost smaller than the required size, eliminating the need for unnecessary reduction processes.