Making the Right Choice in Shower Door

Making the Right Choice in Shower Door

With the frameless glass door, design possibilities are quite endless. When compared to the framed enclosures that often look dated, it provides better options especially when it is about size and style.

The frameless shower doors at allow homeowners to put more emphasis on various other fixtures & areas in the bathroom. Obviously, you will not want to go much beyond your budget especially when you are planning to get the bathroom remodel, thus it is very important you know what is good for your bathroom’s budget and style.

What Is Frameless Shower Door?

Frameless & framed shower doors usually are made from the tempered glass, which is generally treated for simple cleaning. The primary difference between both of them resides in thickness of its glass. The framed shower doors generally come in the thinner dimensions as they mainly rely on the frame to support its glass. Thus, frame comes in various materials, especially aluminum. Then installer can seal this glass in a frame to deter leaks.

Alternatively, frameless shower glass doors come in thicker panes as they do not have any frame to support it. To keep it in proper place, manufacturers make use of clips, hinges, and door pulls. After that they caulk the tools at corners by using silicone that helps to seal glass in proper place. To prevent water from leaking, shower door may have the rubber extension at its bottom.

Custom Design Frameless Glass Enclosures for Shower

The custom shower glass doors are quite different from the shower door kits:

  • Every piece of glass comes custom-fabricated as per measurements taken for your shower area.
  • Enclosures are built to accommodate the structural irregularities, unique designs and unusual shower dimensions.
  • Typically you can consult with the glass professionals & seek insights as you select your glass & hardware.

Published by Billy Walters