What Are The Best Ways To Use Instagram For User-Generated Content?

What Are The Best Ways To Use Instagram For User-Generated Content?

Artists and influencers alike have been using Instagram to showcase their work since it first launched in 2010. But with the introduction of Instagram stories, brands are now able to share their content on a more casual platform through live video and photography. With this new feature, users are able to upload pictures, take pictures, and use drawings or stickers, all within the story format. Here are the best ways to use Instagram for user-generated content.

Use Instagram Stories to Post User-Generated Content

Instagram stories are the ideal place for brands and influencers alike to share their content. Because the stories are available on both a daily and weekly basis, they allow users to see posts before they’re published. This works especially well with influencers who want to promote an event or product without drowning out their own posts. Go Read prices are competitive and affordable for users of all budgets.

Use Instagram Stories to Share Photos

While users can include a video into their stories, photos are the most popular content that people choose to post on Instagram. In order for this content to be seen, you should use Instagram stories as a platform through which you can share photos.

Use Instagram Stories to Capture Momentary Pics

When you’re doing something momentary (like dancing, running, or kissing), take a quick Instagram story with a Snapchat filter and upload it along with your main content to grab more eyes.

Use Instagram Stories to Post Live Videos

Use the live function on Instagram stories so that your fans can see you live from the moment that you start posting your photos or videos. Just like when you post a photo on Instagram, you can use this feature to post videos as well. This way, your followers can see what you’re really doing in real time.

Use Instagram Stories to Post Drawings and Stickers

Use drawings on your Instagram stories so that any images you post can be made more interesting by including a drawing. You can also use stickers to add some fun to your user-generated content.

Use Instagram Stories to Re-Tweet Your Posts

If you want to share one of your main posts with your fans and followers, you can use the swipe function on Instagram stories. This will allow you to re-post that same post, but this time it will appear as a caption under a photo or video.

Use Instagram Stories to Post Sponsored Content

If your brand has a sponsored campaign going on, use Instagram stories as a new way to communicate with customers or followers through posts that are related to your product.

Published by Billy Walters