Tips to Book Discount Tee Times

Tips to Book Discount Tee Times

While some golfers are content with booking tee times directly through the website of their favorite courses, others would like to secure lower rates. This is why it’s important for you to know about the best discounts available for tee times. It doesn’t take long when you know how to do it, either. You can book these discounted tee times with a few easy steps and enjoy a refreshing round of golf without breaking the bank.

How to Book Discounted Tee Times

The first thing you need to do is register on the website of your chosen golf course. This will allow both you and the golf shop your course to have access to the best deals that are available. Once this is done, be sure to search for tee times that are offered for a discount at a minimum of 10 percent (and ideally 25 percent). Also, be sure to look out for discount tee times that are offered through golf shops in your area as these are often cheaper than online rates and come as an add-on feature.

Before you book tee times in Brooks, CA, you should also visit the golf shop directly and check if there are any upcoming specials. This is because some of these will require that your tee time be booked directly through the golf shop. If this is the case, it’s best to sign up with a pro shop near where you live to keep in contact with the latest specials in your area. Also, if there are ongoing leagues being played at your course, remember to patronize them and consider joining them so that you can get tickets for a discounted price. For example, if there is a summer league for seniors on Tuesdays, sign up for it and use your membership as an opportunity to save money on tee times.

Course Ratings and Age Restrictions

Most courses have a set of rules designed to preserve the integrity of the golfing experience for all players. These rules vary from one course to another, but some of the most common policies center on how long you’ve been playing, your handicap rating, and whether or not you are an adult. While it’s easy enough to find out what your age restriction is when you’re booking a tee time, determining whether or not your handicap permits you to play can be more difficult. The best way to avoid any problems with this is to book your discounted tee times at courses that allow players over 50 years old.

Published by Billy Walters