Things regarding wearing mask you need to know

Things regarding wearing mask you need to know

Since the beginning of the corona pandemic, whether or not to use masks to control contagion has been a controversial issue. It is not surprising that doubts regarding its use still arise today. Today we will solve them more concisely in this article so that you can protect yourself and the people in your care with all the guarantees. Click here for Football Facemasks.

Who should wear masks?

Age limit

The order of the Ministry of Health of almost all the countries is addressed to all citizens from 6 years of age. In children between 3 and 6 years old, the use of masks will not be mandatory, although it is recommended. Visit this site for Hockey Face Masks.

Who may not wear mask?

Similarly, the rule will not apply in the following circumstances, which are considered exceptional:

People who have some type of respiratory disease for which the use of masks is contraindicated.  And those who are practicing sports, but only during activity time. When circumstances are incompatible with your employment. For example, if we are eating or having something on a terrace.

Types of masks available in the market

In a private vehicle as long as you travel alone or with people who are part of the same family unit or who live in the same address. If this condition is not present, the use of a mask is also mandatory.

If there are health reasons that justify that the masks are counterproductive elements.

Some people with some type of disability in which wearing something on the face can increase the levels of anxiety or aggressiveness.

Whenever there is any other force majeure that can be justified.

Fines if not used mask

As a caregiver or family member in charge of an elderly or dependent person, it is necessary responsibility to guarantee compliance with these requirements. Dispense with the use of masks in situations where it is mandatory could lead to fines set by individual country.