IrvingiaGabonensis – A Few Things You Really Should Know

IrvingiaGabonensis – A Few Things You Really Should Know

Irvingiagabonensis, or African mango, as it is best known, is perhaps the hottest thing in the weight loss market at this time. Thousands of people have discovered an application that provides significant weight loss without the need for a diet or exercise in your quest to lose weight.

This rapid rise to fame was undoubtedly supported by the approval of celebrities, as well as television and the press. But perhaps more importantly, in an industry where pseudoscientific and advertising ads abound, an increasingly skeptical consumer was able to become familiar with proven clinical research, which, unfortunately, is not enough for many other slimming products.

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The results of these studies are impressive.

One study, conducted over ten weeks, resulted in an average weight loss of 28.1 pounds for participants who took irvingia gabonensis supplement, against an average loss of 1.5 pounds in the control group. Another study, this time during the month, showed a loss of 11.7 pounds versus 2.9 pounds in the placebo group. Additional benefits have also been reported, including reducing body fat, reducing cholesterol, and reducing waistline.

It works in part because of its high fiber content, but also because of its ability to directly prevent food from turning into fat so that it can not be stored in the body, it also seems to be cheating on our bodies, thinking we are more full. of what we really do after eating.

So, if you want to lose weight, then it is definitely worth exploring the irvingiagabonensis supplement.

But remember that this is not a miraculous solution. The weight loss is only 2 to 3 pounds per week, which, by the way, is the level that, according to most experts, is reasonable and safe. Other statements, such as the ability to reduce waist size, were also made for African mangoes, and it is true that research has shown an average decrease in waist size of 2 inches and almost 6 inches in one case. However, this is most likely a consequence of weight loss, rather than some ability of irvingia supplement to target certain parts of our bodies.

You should also mention the side effects.

This is a natural product, side effects are rare. Clinical studies reported mild headaches, insomnia and additional gases in his system. However, these symptoms were reported equally in both groups; those who took the supplement and those who were not in the control group, so the reason may be elsewhere. The investigation has not speculated on this.