How to use painter’s tape?

How to use painter’s tape?

Painter’s tape is a luminous masking tape that is used to cover objects which should not be painted. It prevents trim, baseboards, moldings, casings, and windows from dripping and overpainting when used on flat surfaces such as freshly painted woodwork.


  • To begin, clean the trim of dirt and dust so that the tape can adhere properly. When applying painters tape with hand, attach a small piece of tape to the area and roll out roughly six inches of tape. Keep the tape near the wall and press down on the borders to obtain a good seal.
  • Another method for applying painter’s tape is to use a sleek roller. It’s easy to hold and attaches the tape in a long cohesive strip, conserving time and reducing hand fatigue.
  • After applying the tape, use a versatile putty knife to go over the entire stretch to verify there are no gaps between the tape and the surface. Repeat the procedure (including using the putty knife) until everything is covered up, and then begin painting! It’s preferable to peel the tapes while the paint is still fresh. If the tape is allowed to dry, most colors from the surface may come off with it.

Painter’s tape is indeed a DIY treasure trove. It can be used to create stripes, diamonds, or a beautiful gingham motif on the wall. This multi-purpose tape may be used for more than just painting, such as child-proofing electrical sockets, labeling leftover containers, closing potato chip bags, and creating a fun indoor hopscotch field on a rainy day.

Published by Billy Walters