Your pet will look healthy and feel refreshing with these grooming services-

  • Nail trimming and filing: Pets can get very excited and jump on their owners at times and with long nails it can give scratches and hurt you or sometimes they can hurt themselves. Also long nails tend to cause pain to the pets sometimes and in order to avoid this list trimming and filing the nails of your pet is important.
  • Ear cleaning: Most pets are experts in self cleaning but they might not be successful in cleaning properly especially their ears where it’s hard to reach out. The grooming service makes sure that your pet’s ears are cleaned properly and no reason is left behind that can cause infection or pain to them.
  • Sanitary cleaning: With all the other types of cleaning, our pets need sanitary cleaning as well while is provided here just search for dog groomer mobile near me.

  • Gland express: Pets need gland express because glands can cause dirt and irritation and even cause pain to our pets. It can also create dirt wherever they sit like on your carpet. Gland expression helps your pet to be clean and comfortable.
  • Full body haircut: Extra hair or long hair needs to be chopped off especially in summers because hair tend to provide heat to your pet and also loose hair can spread on your furniture and food and create an unhygienic environment. It is important to give a full body haircut to your pet every once in a while.
  • Wash with shampoo and conditioner: According to the specific needs of your pet, the grooming service can provide with a wash including a shampoo and conditioner of that type.
  • Full Dry: After giving your pet a bath, a full dry service of their fur is available.
  • Pet perfume: Our pets tend to get a little smelly at times and everybody enjoys a sweet smell on their body and pet perfume services is provided to your dog for that.
  • Bandana or similar accessory: Accessories to enhance the appearance of your pet is also available at the grooming service.
Written by Tyler