Cost of Dental Implants in the UK

Cost of Dental Implants in the UK

For people who suffer from missing teeth, failing teeth or chronic dental problems, this solution is popular and effective in the long run.

Dental implant is an artificial tooth root that is placed into the jaw to hold a replacement tooth or bridge.

No two patients or their customized treatment can be the same. However, broadly speaking the cost of dental implant depends on a number of factors:

  1. The amount, quality and location of the bone. In case the bone present in the area of the implant is adequate in terms of height and width, there is no additional cost involved.

However, if the bone present is lacing shape or length or missing, then the cost shots up many folds.

  1. The number of teeth you have to replace. Sometimes while getting this procedure done, some other treatment like bone grafting etc. adds up to the cost.
  2. The type of artificial teeth which will be used is another important factor. These could be; screw retained fixed bridges, cemented crowns, etc.
  3. The types of implant that will be appropriate – standard implants which are normally 2-4 millimeters in diameter and 5 to 12 millimeters in length. Mini implants that are around 2millimeter are relatively cheap.
  4. The place where you are getting the implant done also plays an important role in the cost. The cost of dental implant is cheaper than in US. In India, it would cost anywhere between Rs.25,000 to 45,000, while in US $1200 to $2500.

The low cost does not mean that the quality of care or material used will be of an inferior quality.

People are often confused by the amount of variations in the cost. When comparing the prices, one must consider the brands and not be fooled by the brand hype.

After an initial appointment and assessment the dentist will be able to chart out the treatment plan including the number of visits and cost.

The surgical expertise of the dentist and correct diagnosis will ensure success of the procedure.

Is this procedure covered by insurance?

If not all, then most insurance companies are now starting to provide cover for this procedure.

After the procedure is over, regular visits to the dentist will help you take care of the implant in the best possible way and will bring back your smile!