Charting Presently the Theatre Basics is not Enough. 

Charting Presently the Theatre Basics is not Enough. 

Taking the time to take detailed and accurate notes can do more than protect you from legal action. Keeping yourself and your institution engaged in business can be helpful.

With so many cuts and changes in the health and insurance industry, most insurance companies will fight hard not to pay medical institutions more than they do. This does not make them wrong and insensitive. It just means they are prudent in business, keeping their costs low. Insurance companies will no doubt leave you, your doctors, or your employer with the documentation. If you have not provided enough evidence that a patient’s condition warrants mariyamdawood surgery or treatment or that there is evidence that less expensive therapies have not worked, it will not work. And remember, your payment is made after that. Suppose your patient needs and receives costly surgery, and your records (along with those of your doctor) do not provide the necessary evidence that the surgery was required. In that case, your employer will lose money because they are not paid. If this continues, the facilities cannot stay in business and cannot issue you a salary.

This also applies to all the treatments and procedures you offer to your patients. This doesn’t seem like much, but medical care is expensive. With all the patients that hospitals care for overtime, those lost dollars can quickly add to a very significant amount (sometimes in the millions).

So, make an extra effort to get the complete and accurate documentation, and you will end up saving yourself and your employer a lot of financial and legal problems.