Benefits of Company incorporation in Singapore

Benefits of Company incorporation in Singapore

Singapore is considered the best place for the formation of the company in this fast moving world. Those who are deciding to set up the business in Singapore have to make several decisions for giving their business a competitive advantage in this flooded market. It is very crucial to understand that for company formation in Singapore you have to first register with ACRA. Registering your business is part of the incorporation process. For company formation, you need to comply with all the regulations and rules of several authorities. It is always recommended to take the company to incorporate service which is offered by this company.


Company incorporation in Singapore will also help you in protecting the assets of the business owners for the financial risks and the legality. There are various salient values which are been benefitted when you are doing company incorporation service Singapore.

  • Full tax exemption of 100,000 dollars net profit till 3 years
  • Partial tax exemptions on 100,001 to 300,000 net profit till 3 years
  • Limited Liability
  • Personal assets of shareholders or directors are not implicated

Company incorporation Service

You will set several cheap service packages for company formation in Singapore as below:

  • Company secretary service worth 100 dollars for 1 year
  • Government fees and disbursement to ACRA of 300 dollar
  • Company reservation
  • A search of Company name
  • Appointment of named secretary
  • Registration forms preparation
  • Business profile creation
  • Constitution

Besides mentioned above there are various others which you can take look at