A Beginner’s Journal for Smart Clenbuterol Usage

A Beginner’s Journal for Smart Clenbuterol Usage

In this generation, a lot of individuals are searching for the best tool that can help them burn fats easily. As we look back on the conventional ways, people are cutting off calories from their diet. Some are even doing an intensive workout just to sweat off the fats away. But, with science, it’s no surprise how steroids made to the curiosity of mankind.

Clenbuterol was originally used to treat cardiovascular problems. But, as people discovered its effect on metabolic activity, fitness enthusiasts have drawn attention to it right away. Yes, it wasn’t intended for bodybuilding purpose. Yet, as the good news became known to the public, it landed on the wishes of many who are trying to lose weight.

Important Clen Notes to Observe

Getting excited to try a new supplement to lose weight is normal. But, no matter how it is capable of meeting your ideal goals, you still need to take a glimpse of its side-effects. As side-effects can be harmful to a person, you should first identify the warnings before going through any cycle with a substance. For your guidance and safety, here is the list of warnings to look out for.

Clen is not suitable for…

  • A person with a history of high blood pressure
  • A person with mild or severe heart conditions
  • A person undergoing thyroid medications
  • A person who is morbidly obese
  • A person with a history of stroke
  • A person who is taking other medication for health problem

Yes, Clen has limitations you need to watch out for. Still, the problems associated with it will minimize under responsible consumption. Before you begin the cycle, make sure you were given a go signal from the doctor of your choice. Also, if you’re uneasy during the first few days, make sure to update your physician quickly. Whatever the advice would be, always do your best to follow each note the doctor provides.

Beginner’s Dosage Guideline

Since you’re already aware of the warning signs, it is now time to learn about the ideal dosage plan. For weight loss program, both genders can refer on the guideline below. Check the How-To Guide on this page and you will see the positive outcome on time.

20 mcg – 1st day

40 mcg – 2nd day

60 mcg – 3rd day

80 mcg – 4th day

100 mcg – 6th to 12th day

80 mcg – 13th day

60 mcg – 14th day

OFF – 3rd to 4th week

The list of dosage above is only an estimate for a beginner. There is a tendency that you will have to decrease or increment another 20+ mcg to your daily supplement. Depending on your capacity, you will be advised by the doctor to make a change in the dosage requirement.

As you can observe, there are specific days and weeks that you need to stop taking Clen. Since your body will easily adapt to the changes it brings, a few days off from the cycle is necessary. You must allow your system to develop the positive effects for it to keep on giving the desired result. Also, if the doctor will advise you to take a lower dose, you need not worry about it. Always follow the lead of your attending physician and report any visibility of the negative effects as soon as possible.